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The prevalence of photosensitive drug prescriptions in Germany : A retrospective analysis between 2010 and 2017 / eingereicht von Georg Amun Hofmann
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Die Prävalenz photosensibilisierender Medikamente in Deutschland - Eine Retrospektive Analyse von 2010 bis 2017
AuthorHofmann, Georg Amun
Thesis advisorWeber, Benedikt
Description69 Blatt : Diagramme
Institutional NoteMedizinische Universität Wien, Diplomarb., 2018
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Date of SubmissionDecember 2018
Document typeThesis (Diplom)
Keywords (EN)drug-induced photosensitivity / public health / dermatology
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Drug-induced photosensitivity is an ongoing problem to modern medicine, even though many efforts in basic and clinical research have been dedicated to the topic. First, diagnosis can be difficult in the individual case, since it is heavily dependant on anamnesis and the differentiation to other forms of photodermatosis is not always evident. Second, usage of photosensitizers poses an epidemiological risk, since it has been related to an increased risk for the development of cutaneous carcinoma.

The presented pharmacoepidemiological analysis was conducted by literature and database research. A total of 387 agents was found to be related to photosensitive adverse reactions. The agents could be assigned to one of four classes, depending on the photosensitive potential and the dispersion among the population.